Immigration 1939-75 EXPERIENCES

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  • Immigration EXPERIENCES
    • 'Colour Bar' notices
    • Immigrants had to live in Britain 5 yrs before they could apply for counsil housing.
    • Caribbeans: Pardner system- jpoined together to buy property
    • Blamed for increased crime and disease
      • barred from public housing, clubs and restaurants
    • offered lowest pay and unskilled jobs
    • lived in poorest accommodation in worst areas of big cities
    • landlords wouldn't rent to immigrants, building societies wouldn't lend money
    • 1950s -unfamiliar with Hindu, Muslim and Sikh religions
    • settled in West Midlands
      • 1955- strikes
      • 1958 Notting  Hill violence
      • 1959- 2 weeks of riots


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