Immediate problems faced by the Bolshevik government

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  • Immediate Problems faced by the Bolshevik government
    • significant uprising from the Soviet itself
    • strikes and campaigns in all major ministries and government departments
      • banks, post/telegraph offices, railway administration and councils
    • Trotsky not respected in the ministry of foreign affairs
    • refusal of state bank and the treasury to honour governments cash demands
      • without money to pay its supporters the Bolsheviks regime they could not hope to survive long
    • Only masters of central Russia and the industrial areas and those outside the borderlands had claimed independence
    • the new regime workers were not happy, they were promised socialism but were brought empty factories and destitution
    • small party and small power base only 200,000 and army in the process of dissolution
      • hard to establish a force or threat
    • Menshevik leaders organised forces to put pressure on the Bolsheviks to relinquish power
    • the people were promised 'all power to the Soviets' - this did not happen


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