Ideas: Supernatural and Religious

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  • Causes of Disease (Medieval).
    • Supernatural and Religious.
      • God
        • It was beliieved that God made people ill because He was eithe displeased with them or was testing their faith.
        • Meant that people believed that there was no need to search for other potential causes of disease.
        • Held back medical research and meant that few new ideas appeared in Medieval Times
      • Astrology
        • The alignment of planets and stars was thought to cause some dieases.
        • Astrology was used to help diagnose what was wrong with a patient.
        • Use of astrology wasn't new in 1250 but it increased massively through thisperiod, especially after the Black Death and the Church becoming more accepting.
    • Rational.
      • The Four Humours.
        • Blood, Black Bile, Yellow Bile, Phlegm.
        • The Ancient Greeks thought that everyone had a mix of four humours in their body.
          • They believed people became ill when this mix was unbalanced.
            • So to make people better they tried to put this balance right.
        • Theory of Opposites.
          • In the 2nd Century AD, a doctor called Galen developed the idea of the Four Humours.
            • Treatment based on his theory aimed to balance the humours by giving the patient the 'opposite' of their symptoms.


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