Change in Ideas About Cause of Disease 1900-Present

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  • Change in Ideas About Cause of Disease in 1900-Present
    • 1. Genetics
      • 1. Scientists realised, in 1900, that microbes did not cause all illnesses.
      • 2. Mendel theories that genes come in pairs but he has no scientific proof because microscopes were not very powerful.
      • 3. Archibald Garrod, proved by George Beadle and Edward Tatum, theorises that hereditary disease are caused by missing information in the body's chemical pathways.
      • 4. Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins create images of DNA with x-rays.
      • 5. James Watson and Francis Crick see the x-ray images and work together with Franklin and Wilkins to build the model of DNA
      • 6. James Watson with other scientists led The Human Genome Project which helps to look out for hereditary diseases and  mismatches.
    • 4. Technology
      • 1. As time went on there were significant improvements in technology allowing discoveries to take place like DNA.
      • 3. Ernst Ruska and Max Knoll developed the electron microscope. They built a model that was able to magnify more than any other optical microscopes at that point.
      • 2. New technology was created like blood sugar and pressure monitors, x-rays, MRI, CT, Ultrasound scans, and Endoscopes.
    • 2. Lifestyle and Health
      • 2. Smoking was becoming popular which doctors realised could cause lung, throat and mouth cancer; high blood pressure; heart and gum disease and tooth decay.
      • 1. Like with the Theory of the Four Humours people still believe that diet affects health. A healthy diet with lots of certainly improves the health of anyone because too much fat can lead to heart disease.
      • 3.  Drinking to much alcohol was linked with liver and kidney problems . Tanning was recognised to be connected with the rise of skin cancer cases.
    • 3. Diagnosis
      • 1. Diagnosis now happened between patient and doctor and doctors attacked the cause of disease rather than the symptoms as previously done.
      • 2. Machines and computers enabled diagnosis of disease to improve and surgery did not need too happen to diagnose all diseases.
      • 3. This was thanks to the impact in technology in creating x-rays and CT scans.


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