Modern day medicine

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  • c1900-Present: Medicine in Modern Britain
    • Ideas about causes of illness and disease
      • People understood that microbes cause illness and disease- different microbes cause different diseases
      • Lifestyle factors- smoking, obesity, alcohol
      • Genetics
      • Unknown cause of cancer
    • Approaches to treatment
      • Different microbes for different vaccinations
      • Blood transfusions
      • Treatments for cancer and diabetes are improving
      • Chemical cures- magic bullets
      • Penicillin- WW2
    • Method of prevention
      • Pasteur and Koch- mass production of vaccination
      • DNA
      • Improved hygeine
      • NHS promoting healthy lifestyles
      • Government starts taking responsibility
    • Public health
      • Women start taking responsibility. Doctors too expensive
      • NHS is free
      • Nurses, doctors and midwives are fully trained
    • Factors leading to change
      • Government now responsable
      • New technology- microscopes, pacemakers, endoscopes
    • Progress
      • Knowledge in causes, prevention and treatment
      • Technology
      • Records and statistical analysis


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