Unit 2 Section 9 - ICT systems and their components

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  • ICT systems and their components
    • What is ICT?
      • The use of technology for the input, processing, storage and transfer of data and the output of information.
    • What is a system?
      • All systems have three basic stages of input, processing and output
        • Input, Process, Output
          • Data is entered via an input device e.g keyboard
            • Calculatrions, queries and other operations are performed on the data in the processing stage
              • The results of the processing are sent to an output device e.g monitor
    • What is an ICT system?
      • ICT systems are where the output from the system goes directly to a human being or into another ICT system
    • Components of ICT systems
      • People
      • Data
        • Data is raw fact and figures or a set of values that don't have any meaning
      • Procedures
      • Software
      • Hardware
      • Information
        • Information is data that has been processed into something that is meaningful


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