Graphics - Third Section (Qu 14)

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  • Graphics - Question 14
    • Gravure
      • In gravure printing, the image is made up of small holes sunk in the surface of the printing plate.
      • The holes (cells) are filled with ink and any excess is removed.
      • Paper comes into contact with the ink in the holes when it is pressed against the plate.
    • Applications of ICT and Desktop Publishing
      • Computer systems and peripheral packages available for ICT: word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing and graphics packages.
      • Mail merge is when letters can be personalised from a database.
      • Spreadsheets enable you to put information into a grid. The sections in the grids are called cells.
      • Desktop publishing is used to produce: magazines, newsletters, leaflets and company stationary.
    • + / - of Internet
      • Advantage: Increased Reach Using information technology, a marketer can reach an enormous number of people with just the click of a button.
      • Advantage: Speed and Flexibility Technology allows advertisers to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace
      • Disadvantage: Competition What makes all of these technological developments less than perfect is that they are available to everyone.
      • Disadvantage: Homogenization Digital technologies make replication so easy, no marketer can have an edge on the competition for very long, because others will copy whatever is effective.


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