HVIII’s Foreign Policy Successes

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  • HVIII’s Foreign Policy Successes
    • HRE
      • 1518 Treaty of London
        • Led by Wolsey, encouraged by the Pope ensured peace in Europe for six months. Earning HVIII acclaim.
        • Scarisbrick: “Europe had never seen an attempt to create a treaty of universal peace”
        • Ended England’s isolation with the Treaty of Cambrai as 20 countries signed incl. CV King of
    • France
      • 1513 Capture of Tournai and Therouanne
        • Proved to satisfy HVIII’s desire to gain personal military glory and showed the potential for an eventual retake of French territory by  England
    • Scotland
      • 1513 Battle of Flodden
        • English forces killed James IV. Left Scotland under the weak control  of minor James V under Margaret’s regency


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