Case Study - Hurricane Katrina (New Orleans)

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  • Hurricane Katrina (New Orleans)
    • Long-term Responses
      • New defences were built - T-walls, 70 feet flood walls (still only strong enough to withstand category 3 storm)
      • Investigations took place so that New Orleans could see what they'd missed
    • Secondary Effects
      • Diseases spread
      • Relocation
      • Looting
      • Loss of business
    • Immediate Responses
      • Attempts were made to pump water (they had to be turned off due to damage)
      • Some people moved to the Super-dome (higher ground)
      • People moved to higher ground because they were safer from flooding
      • Rescue parties in boots looked for stranded people
    • Primary Effects
      • 10 bridges collapsed
      • Flooding
      • 25,000 people were stranded due to flooding and storm surges
      • London Avenue Canal collapsed
      • 80% of New Orleans was underwater


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