Human Impact on the Environment

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  • Human Impact on the Environment
    • World population rising very quickly
      • Due to modern medicine and farming methods which have reduced the number of people dying from disease/hunger
        • Great for humans but means we affect the environment more
    • Increasing demands on the Environment
      • Pressure on the environment- we take resources we need to survive
      • People demanding higher standard of living so we use more raw materials and energy in manufacturing processes.
      • We are going to run out of some resources e.g oil
    • Producing more waste
      • WATER; sewage and toxic chemicals pollute our waters affecting organisms in them. Fetilisers washed into water too
      • LAND; Toxic chemicals for farming e.g pesticides. Bury nuclear waste underground and dump a lot of waste in landfill sites.
      • AIR; Smoke and gases pollute air, e.g SO2 = acid rain
    • More people, less land for animals and plants
      • We reduce land by building, farming, dumping waste and quarrying for metal ores


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