Biology B6 (3)

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Human impacts on ecosystems 

human interaction shave an impact on ecosystems 

our increasing population puts pressure on the environement as we take more land and resources to survive 

as ppl are demanding higher standards of living we use more raw materials but we also use a lot more energy for the manufacturing processes. This all means we are taking more and more resources from the environment more and more quickly 

many raw materials are being used up wuicker than they are being replaced so we are going to run out 

as we produce and consume things we create waste, and if we dont handle it properly it can acuse harmful pollution like sewage and toxic gases 

these humanly actions ar ngeatively impacting both local bio diversity and global diversity

land use by humans is a negative affect on the ecosystems 

habitat destruction

woodland clearance- this is done to increase farmland and can result in a reduction…


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