Victorians- Evolving attitudes quotes

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  • Evolving attitudes
    • Tess
      • Thy, damnation, slumbereth, not
        • Punctuated
      • Ecstasy of faith
      • Tis a thing of ill omen
      • If only we two were concerned. But I must not--for cirtain reasons
        • Pause
      • Save his soul alive
        • Sibilance
    • Robert Elsmere
      • Like the face of a blind man
        • Simile
      • It was done. Down I fell as a bird that is shot from a tree into great guilt and fearful dispair
        • Short sentence simile
    • Dorian Grey
      • Sin is the only real colour element
      • In the Church they don't think.
        • Monosyllabic statement
      • Nineteenth century standard of immortality
    • A Doll's House
      • My Duties to myself.
        • Short sentence
      • I know nothing... he told me religion was this and that, I will see if it is true, or, at any rate if it is true for me
        • Hesitation
    • Cherry Orchard
      • They've forgotten.
        • Short sentence
      • Nothing has changed
        • Short sentence
    • Mrs Warren
      • No cant about this religion or that religion
      • Don't you be led astray by people [clergymen] who don't know the world
    • Origin of speices
      • The grounds upon which this conclusion stands will never be shaken
        • Explicit
      • Indelible stamp of his lowly origin
    • Dover Beach
      • The Sea of Faith //
        • Metaphor
      • .Where ignorant armies clash by night.
        • Metaphor
    • In Memorium
      • By faith - and faith alone, embrace//
        • Anadiplosis
      • Are God and Nature then at strife
    • Onward Christian Soldiers
      • That I hold for true,// What the saints believed, I believe that too.
        • Personal pronoun
    • Cry of the Children
      • Tears have made us blind!
        • Dialogue


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