How to write History answers GCSE

How to write an exam answer in history exams, follow these three easy steps.

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  • What the examiner wants
    • Get those Facts right
      • Remember Facts accurately
      • Pick out relevant facts for your answer
      • Put facts in the best order for answering the question
      • Right Facts in the right order
    • Explain Yourself
      • DESCRIBE: Give the right facts for the topic or period in the question
      • ANALYSE:  Write about the facts in DETAIL, showing you understand them
      • EXPLAIN:  Tell the examiners what the facts mean
    • Make up your mind
      • Comprehend: Understanding what the source is saying about the period
      • ANALYSE: Looking in detail at what the source is telling you about the period
      • EVALUATE: Working out if the source is giving relevant information. If so how does this help you answer the question?


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