GCSE History - Medicine Through Time Medical Pioneers

Powerpoint Presentation of History's Medical Pioneers. There is also a presentation of the timeline (progression and development of Medicine), and Nazi Germany which I studied last year as well. The information is condensed but not so much that you would lose the detail needed in the exam.

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Hippocratic Oath: The Causes of Disease
-Created by Hippocrates to give
people confidence in doctors
making clear that they are not Body contains 4
magicians humours. When we
-Also wanted to reassure patients are healthy they are
their work was to benefit them and balanced but if we
not to try and make themselves become ill it means
wealthy we have too
much/little of one
The Hippocratic Collection
of books:
Observing and Recording
-Most were written by other doctors
-The first detailed list of symptoms
and treatments
-Doctors continued to use these
books for centuries t ment
al Tre Encouraged doctors to look for
Na natural treatments
Disease and Infection…read more

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Some were very large and it was built for
Asclepius was a temple dedicated to
patients who were ill
Asclepius (Greek God) ­ continued
belief that the God's controlled every They gained strength through:
part of their lives. -Rest
-Regular Meals (diet)
Each Asclepion had a priest who
was a skilled healer and carried out
simple surgery (removing
fragments of spearhead from skin)
Disease and Infection…read more

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Anatomy and Dissection
Believed Dissection was important and
The Four Humours: dissected pigs to find out about the
-His work was built on the key ideas of the nervous system
Hippocratic Collection (illness was caused by -Proved the brain controlled speech
imbalanced humours)
-Arteries also carried blood around
(not just veins)
Some of his discoveries were
wrong because apes/pigs were not
like humans
-Galen wrote hundreds of books, covering
Diet and Exercise every aspect of medicine in detail also
Opposites Theory - balance the humours including some of Hippocrates work.
(if patient had a cold Galen would use hot -People believed he had all the answers
ingredients (peppers), if fever (cucumber) (since he covered everything) and so studied
Bleeding from his books for thousands of years
-His teachings fitted with ideas of the Church
Disease and Infection…read more

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