How stable were the Stresemann years 1924-29?

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  • How stable were the Stresemann Years 24-29?
    • Absence of the attempts at extra parliamentary absence
    • Frequent political parlysis
      • Inability of successive coalitions to act or legislate with any cohesion
        • Led to problems not being tackled
      • Influential groups failed to adopt democratic values
    • The Dawes plan + the Young Plan
      • Helped rebuild German economy
      • Germany would still have to pay reparations
      • Estimated that Germany paid 1/8th of the original sum
      • Economy dependant on USA loans
    • Election of Hindenburg 1925
      • Exclusion of the SPD
    • By 1927, German industry seemed to have recovered well
      • Recovered, but not as good as pre-war
    • Locarno treaties 1925
    • League of Nations 1926
      • Established as a great power again
    • Inflation was cured in 1924 never to come back


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