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1924-29 marked a move away from the extreme extra-paramilitary action
(Kapp, Spartacist, Munich putsch).
However, the parliamentary system still failed to mature and develop despite
the reduction in the threat from the extreme right and left.
Failure of the coalition system to produce govts that had sufficient power to tackle
pressing problems.
Naivety and cultural deficiency of the political parties. Still acting as interest
groups representing sectional interests.
Parties because of the election system needed to act with an air of compromise, none of
them did.…read more

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Stresemann's govt defeated (Contd. As foreign minister).
Wilhelm Marx of the Centre party took power.
State of emergency lifted.
Nationalist and Communist parties make large gains at the expense of more
moderate parties.…read more

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American initiative to consider the issue of reparations.
More favourable reparations expectations.
Collapse of the SPD vote in may 1924 election made pushing through the new
plans hard.…read more

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Reinforced the SPD's reluctance to join any coalitions ­ Hindenburg was anti-socialist and
refused to accept SPD coalition in coalition govt.
Political consensus was essential if the Republic was to tackle the economic and political
Used presidential powers and thereby had far greater influence than Ebert.
Insistence that the DVNP be included in any coalition limited the scope of govt. (1927 govt
including the DNVP ruled out any sort of `grand coalition').
Had a clear belief that the presidents powers should be unrestrained.
Parliamentary govt failed to fulfil its potential so there was the scope for interference of the
president.…read more

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May 1928 election:
Left made significant gains.
Centre right lost votes = splinter parties develop.
Political polarisation meant that forming a stable majority govt had become
Drifting towards political extremes pre-dated Wall St crash.
DNVP move from broad coalition towards narrow anti-republican outlook.
Young plan 1929
New deal for reparations.
French promise to evacuate the Rhineland by June 1930 (5 years early) because of
young plan = important diplomatic victory for Stresemann.…read more

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