How effective was the Nazi use of terror?

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  • How effective was the Nazi use of Terror?
    • Effective
      • They crushed political opposition e.g. socialists and communists
      • They crushed 'enemies of the people' eg criminals, unemployed, tramps, gypsies, homosexuals
      • The reputation of the Gestapo kept many people from speaking out
      • There was an atmosphere of terror
    • Less effective
      • Some brave individuals resisted the Nazis, e.g the preists Dietric Bonhoeffer and Alfred Delp and the carpenter Geog Elser
      • There were some resistance groups, eg the Edelweiss Pirates, the White Rose Group, the Kreisau Circle
      • There was opposition amongst some in the army, e.g colonel Claus Sckenk Von Stauffenberg plotted to kill Hitler. There was avoidence by some organisations of Nazi ideas, eg the Catholic Church - the Catholic bishop of Munster spoke out about Nazi involuntary euthanasi.
      • On saints day people would fly church banners instead of Nazi swastikas
    • Terrir was largely, but not entirely effective. It did help to ensure loyalty amongst the people, but wasn't the only tactic (e.g. propaganda was used) for some terror wasn't necessary due to the popularity of some policies (e.g. Job creation)


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