How effective was medicine in roman britain?

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  • How effective was medicine in Roman Britain?
    • Ideas about cause of disease
      • God sent the plague as a punishment for our sins
      • Bad air or planets can send the plague
      • Measles can make you deaf in one ear
      • Many people could not afford a doctor and some nurses were not trained
      • Playing out in the cold with bare feet can cause chillblains
      • People would pay to keep themselves clean but not the poorer people
    • Treatments, preventions and cures
      • They bled people to restore them and clear them out if their humours were out of balance
      • Mashed up hot turnips on your feet if they hurt
      • Put honey on cuts and bandage grazes with dropwort and comfrey
      • Praying to God for forgiveness
      • Cure for the pestilence was a holy remedy made from herbs and dust from the holy cross where christ was crucified
      • Visit surgeon every 6 months to be bled from unbalanced humours
      • Sore eyes = onion, garlic, bull's gail, wine
      • Transfusing dog blood to a man
      • 2 spoonfuls of 'cure oil tonic' will save you from cholera.
      • Ride a donkey in a circle 7 times for a cough
    • Public Health
      • Water came from aqueducts which brought water from the hills
      • Public toilets emptied into stone sewers flushed by rain water or water from bath house
      • Wells for drinking water were often close to cesspools for dumping sewage
      • Towns had a bath house where people washed and excerised
      • Henry VIII closed monastris and hospitals
      • Toilets and cesspools were cleaned out at night, soilmen and the waste was carried through the streets on carts
      • Get children vaccinated in 1930's and kept babies clean
      • In 1911, workers would pay into the national insurance scheme which covered people if they got sick or unemployed. Not for people who had not been working.
      • Early 1900's kids got free school meals and medical inspections to check their health


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