How did the Nazis control sport?

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  • How did the Nazis control sport?
    • Sport was encouraged in school and the Hitler Youth.
      • He wanted a healthy and fit nation - the boys were to be the soldiers of the future and the girls were to produce as many children as possible.
      • Success in sport also promoted the Nazi regime.
    • 1936 Olympics
      • Media from 49 countries were at the Olympics.
        • Nazis could show the world that Germany was a modern, well-organised society.
      • Staged in Berlin.
      • Showed that Aryans were superior.
      • The Olympics was a great public relations success.
    • The Olympic Stadium was the largest in the world. 110,000 spectators.
    • Signs saying 'Jews not wanted', were removed - Foreigners got a positive image of Germany.
    • News reports and filming were controlled.
    • Germany won the most medals - 33 Gold, 26 Silver and 30 Bronze.


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