How successful were the domestic policy’s of Henry VII?

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  • How successful was the domestic policy of Henry VII?
    • Structure of government
      • He had a council which he chose. Each of his councillors and meetings were attended by a much smaller group in which he  relied on. Therefore efficiency of the central government was improved.
      • Parliament had a limited role. It only met seven times during Henry’s reign.  Henry used it to help establish and uphold law and order.
        • It was used to pass Acts of Attainder against nobles, to uphold Henry’s claim to the throne
      • The King’s Council provided advice and advisors. Henry relied on a smaller group from the council, which improved the efficiency of central government.
    • Finance
      • He used the chamber system to allow him to exert greater control over finance.
        • This meant that he handled income except customs duties.
      • He had two sources of income: the ordinary and extraordinary revenue.
        • Ordinary revenue: most important source was crown lands. He increased the amount of land the crown held to 5x larger. Rose from £29,000 - £42,000 by 1509.
          • This was achieved through the 1486 act of resumption and seizure of land from those declared traitors.
        • Extraordinary income: parliamentary taxation. In times of emergency he could ask his wealthy subjects for loans that brought in around £48,500, for an expedition against France.
          • The church often made a contribution when parliament had granted the king money. E.g. in 1489 when the church raised £25,000 towards an expedition in France.
    • Control of the nobility
      • Henry also asserted his power over the nobility by insisting on his feudal rights.
        • Marriage: the king exploited this so as to profit from arranged marriages of heirs.
        • Wardship: the estates of minors were placed under royal control until the minor came of age, but in the meantime the estate was exploited to maximise the income for the crown.
        • Relief: this was a payment to the king when land was inherited.
        • Livery: this was a payment to the king to recover land from wardship.


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