How can political participation be increased (25 marks)

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  • How political participation can be increased
    • 1) More political education in schools.
      • However, there will be disengagement in these lessons.
        • There may be political bias by teachers
          • Some teachers may not be fully educated on politics.
    • 2) Reducing the voting age to 16.
      • e.g. Scottish Independence referendum.
      • 16 year olds pay taxes, they will engage more etc.
      • However, Some 16 year olds may be uneducated in politics.
        • Some argue that it will not affect the voter turnout, as they believe not many will vote (based on the percentage of young people voting).
    • 3) Increase the use of referendums (direct democracy).
      • However, this could cause voter fatigue as people will get bored.
        • Many citizens are not fully politically educated to be able to make an informed decision on a major decision.
          • E.g. Many people are not going to vote in the EU referendum because they do not know much about it.
          • This will take the jobs away from the MPs-they won't be doing what we pay them to do.
    • 4) Change the voting system
      • FPTP seems to be undemocratic and is not proportionate
      • However, the AV was rejected in 2011, in the referendum, indicating people like the current voting system.
    • 5) Make voting compulsory (like Australia)
      • However, it is people's democratic right not to vote.
        • This may cause protests.


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