Loyalty in Macbeth

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  • how loyalty is shown in Macbeth
    • Setting
      • Great Chain of Being
      • Macbeth's loyalty to the supernatural, he chooses to return
      • Dunsinane = 'hell', disloyalty to Macbeth, no longer a safe haven.
    • Characters
      • Macbeth
        • disloyalty to his morals and religion
        • physical disloyalty to Dunacn
        • loyalty to Lady Macbeth and their relationship
        • loyalty to his ambition and desires
      • Lady Macbeth
        • disloyalty to satan
        • disloyalty to her husband
        • loyalty to her conscience
        • disloyalto Duncan
      • Banquo
        • exemplifies Macbeth and Lady Macbeths disloyalty to the king
        • loyal to his morals and his king
        • loyal to friendship with macbeth
    • Language
      • can't say 'amen',disloyal to God
      • Duncan's loyal language to Macbeth, 'worthy cousin, valiant gentleman,
      • Lady Macbeth's emasculation, flattery and aggressive language ensuresMacbeths loyalty to her
      • Macbeths loyal language about Duncan after he dies
    • Structure
      • Duncan's last word before Macbeth enters is 'trust'
      • before Macbeth enters, we hear lots about his loyalty to his king and country within battle
      • disloyalto tragic hero cycle


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