Macbeth as a victim

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  • How far does Shakespeare present Macbeth as a victim
    • Macbeth is a victim of manipulation
      • It can be interpreted that Macbeth is a victim of Lady Macbeth's manipulation as she only wants Macbeth  to become King so that she is able to gain the title of queen. Macbeth is a victim of Lady Macbeth's greedy desires
    • Macbeth is a victim of Pressure
      • It can be argued that Macbeth is pressured into fulfilling the Witches' prophecy and feels the need to take it upon himself to make them happen
        • Because of this, Macbeth becomes king. However, he never actually gets an opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy his kingship because of the constant threats around him.
      • Lady Macbeth constantly pressures Macbeth. She initially pressured Macbeth into murdering Duncan, and later went on to pressure him in murdering Banquo. This shows how Macbeth is cowardly instead of Masculine and brave
        • However, Macbeth goes on to murder Macduff's entire family without the pressure of Lady Macbeth, and therefore he has gone from cowardly, to merciless, being able to make his own decisions
    • Macbeth is a victim of the supernatural
      • Just like he is a victim of pressure, Macbeth is a victim of the supernatural. The Witches were the ones that initiated Macbeth's ambition
    • Lady Macbeth continually insulted Macbeth and made him feel like he was not masculine.
      • This backfires on Lady Macbeth because she is unable to handle his tyranny and she ends up committing suicide
      • This made Macbeth feel like a victim and resulted in him proving Lady Macbeth wrong by becoming a murderous tyrant.
      • Lady Macbeth also questioned macbeth's loyalty towards her whenever he changed his mind about a situation
    • Macbeth is a victim due to fate and his own ambition
      • Macbeth's mental state makes the viewers feel sorry for him as he hallucinates  Banquo's ghost and the dagger
        • This makes Macbeth soon realize that other people around him are just as bloodthirsty and he is in a very vulnerable position


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