Macbeth themes

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  • Macbeth themes
    • ambition
      • Ambition is the main theme in the play
      • ambition is what motivates Macbeth to commit terrible crimes
      • the play shows that ambition is dangerous and can quickly spiral out of control
      • Ambition can make people selfish and ruthless because once Macbeth starts killing people he has to continues so he gets what he wants
      • both Macbeth  and lady Macbeth are eventually destroyed by ambition
      • Ambition can be good because both Malcolm and Macduff are ambitious for their country
    • Loyalty and betrayal
      • macbeth says he is loyal to his king even when he is plotting to kill him
      • when characters betray their loyalty it is usually to pursue their own selfish desires
      • in the play loyalty is rewarded and betrayal is punished
        • macbeth is given the thane of Cawdor for being loyal but is then killed for betraying is own sense of right and wrong
    • good and evil
      • at the beginning of the play macbeth shows he's a noble person
      • once macbeth is gives in the ambition he is overcome by evil desires
      • lady Macbeth links cruelty and aggression with masculinity which suggests she believes you can only be evil if you are a man
    • supernatural
      • the witches are the first supernatural characters the audience are introduced to
      • lady Macbeth talks about spirits when she asks them to "unsex me here"
      • Banquo's ghost and Lady Macbeth's visions are also supernatural


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