History - Hitler turned Germany from a Democracy to a Dictatorship.

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  • How did Hitler Turn Germany from a democracy into a Dictatorship?
    • Violence
      • Hitler threatened people using the SA. The police supported him as Goerring- Hitler's second in command was minister of Police in west Prussia. The Night Of Long Knives was in essence a technique to intimidate The SA and prevent them from starting rebellions- he also killed Rohm the leader of the SA.
    • Weak opposition- The communists were not strategic enough or tactical enough to attack - but after the Reichstag Hitler ordered the death of all communist officers.       Hindenberg was the President of Germany however he was old and dying of lung cancer- Hitler used this to his advantage- announced his title of Fuhrer 10 days after HIndenburg's death the Army had to pledge loyalty to Hitler and had to promise they would die for him.
    • Circumstances
      • The Reichstag Fire, he was made Chancellor. Through the Reichstag fire he passed Article 48- Law of Protection of People and State and the Enabling Act.
    • Hitler was under estimated
  • Weak Opposition


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