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Hitler's Germany 1929-39

Weimar government and Depression
In 1932 unemployment hit 6 million in Germany. The government did not
know how to deal with the speed and severity of the economic crisis. They
decided to print more money.
In 1931 Hitler came to power as German chancellor. Bruning introduced

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confessed but was later executed. The crime was very convenient for Hitler and
many suspect that it was the Nazis who started the fire although there is no proof.
The fire turned many against communists, leaders were arrested, their radio
station closed. There was no longer any significant opposition to…

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How was HITLER able to establish a DICTATORISHIP?
Really Reichstag Fire
Good General Election
Eagles Enabling Act
Land Law against Formation of New Parties
Near Night of Long Knives
Tortoises Trade Union abolition
+ Hares Hindenburg's Death

Concentration Camps
In 1933 concentration camps were established initially for political
prisoners. With…

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In 1935 it was compulsory to join the Hitler Youth and by 1939 8million
belonged to it. Smart uniforms were worn and they took part in parades, leisure
activities such as sports and gymnastics. They were marked on their activities and
the best were selected for `Adolf Hitler Schools'. There…

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Cooker, Church and Children were the three C's for women in Nazi
Germany. Marriage was encouraged by 1000 marks and 250 per child they had.
Racially pure men could impregnate unmarried women. Slim women were

1. Full employment
2. Autobahns (schools, hospitals)…

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experiments. The old, sick and female were killed immediately. Six million Jews
died in the holocaust.
Other groups were also targeted such as gypsies, black people,
homosexuals, tramps, alcoholic and the disabled (mentally and physically).


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