How did Henry VII strengthen his position?

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  • How did Henry strengthen his position?
    • Used parliament to legitimise action which decided his reign started on the 21st August
      • This made Richard the usurper, meaning his supporters at Bosworth were traitors, also provided legal backing to deal with them
    • Summoned parliament so they could acknowledge him as king
      • Created positive relations and allowed him to get acquainted with members
    • Rewarded those who helped, eg uncle Jasper became Duke of Bedford and Chief Constable of Wales and Lord Stanley became Earl of Derby
      • showed he was a rewarding king to those faithful to him, which may keep potential enemies on his side
    • Henry was lenient with remaining Yorkist supporters, eg Earl of Northumberland could keep power as he swore loyalty
      • allowed the two houses to unite and live peacefully  and removing threat of rebellion
    • Henry dealt with Edward, Duke of Warwick by throwing  him in the tower and John de la Pole by making part of his council after he swore loyalty
      • showed that he wasn't brutal and could be forgiving, also showed strength through his management
    • Henry was coronated on 30th October, with a big celebration
      • showed stablility and positivity after the wars at court
    • Henry married Elizabeth of York and created the Tudor rose emblem by placing the white rose of York over the red rose
      • he places this on buildings and documents, showing the unity of the two houses
    • took a progress through his kingdom to the north where Richard III has been most popular and where most Yorkists were
      • could establish authority in the north but also stay close to his subjects which may change their view on him
    • In September 1486, Prince Artur was born
      • was seen as the union incarnate and was a sign of hope
    • Henry got the Pope Innocent III to support claim and excommunicate all pretenders
      • this was very important as the bull was seen as the word of God and established that Henry was the rightful king
    • In 1489, henry signed the Treaty of Medina Campo with Spain agreeing that Catherine of Aragon would marry Henry's first son
      • Henry now had a foreign alliance which would be carried into the next generation and had help abroad if he needed it


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