How did Henry VII establish his power in 1485?

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  • How did Henry VII establish his power in 1485?
    • The Coronation of Henry VII
      • Immense display was designed to impress Englishmen and foreigners
      • To confirm his undeniable God-given right to rule
    • Henry's first parliament
      • First met on 7th November- deliberate move by Henry
        • it would be clear that he was King by the grace of God not by the will of parliament
      • The declaration of the King's title
      • Acts of Attainder needed to be repealed
      • Financial matters
        • Tonnage and Poundage- granted for King's life
        • Act of Resumption- reclaim all lands held before Wars of the Roses
      • Legislation
    • Marriage to Elizabeth of York
      • Married on the 18th January
      • United the Houses of York and Lancaster
        • Shown through the Tudor Rose
          • Showed the reconciliation of the houses


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