How did christianity affect medieval medicine?

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  • How did christianity affect Medieval medicine?
    • The Christian church believed that Jesus healed the sick.
      • However, there was a strong belief that illness came from God and that curing an illness would be a challenge to God.
    • Christians often prayed to God to cure illnesses.
    • How did Christians treat the sick?
      • Between 1000 and 1500 more than 700 hospitals were founded in England.
        • Many hospitals didn't have doctors, but Priests and were run my monks or nuns.
        • Hospitals depended on charity for funds and were mainly financed by the church or a wealthy patron.
        • There were special hospitals called 'Lazar Houses' that treated people with Leprosy.
    • In Europe the training of doctors began after 1200, when the continent became more peaceful.
      • The Christian church controlled how doctors were trained in the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.
        • The training there was teaching the old ideas of the ancient greeks and romans. it was not a way to discover new ideas.
    • The church saw the role of a doctor as someone who could predict the symptoms and duration of an illness.
      • This gave people reassurance and comfort.


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