A mindmap to show the process which suspected criminals go through from start to finish.

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  • How Criminals are Dealt With
    • ARREST
      • ADVICE
        • CHARGED
            • SUMMONS
              • MAGISTRATES COURT
                • JURY
                  • More serious cases are passed onto a CROWN COURT where the verdict is reached by a JURY.
                • The suspect then attends a MAGISTRATES COURT where the magistrate listens to the evidence and decides on the verdict and sentence.
              • A court then issues a SUMMONS requiring them to appear in court on a certain date.
            • The police then pass the file to the CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICE who decide if there is enough evidence for the case to proceed to court.
          • This suspect can then be CHARGED with the offence if there is enough evidence.
        • Anyone arrested is entitled to receive ADVICE from a solicitor.
      • Police will ARREST anyone suspected of committing a crime.


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