How can effects of tropical storms be reduced?

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  • How can the effects of tropical storms be reduced?
      • Tie down windburn objects e.g. garden furniture
      • Install an emergency generator
      • Remove trees from buildings. Protect from falling into houses.
      • Reinforce garage doors.
      • Buildings can be desgiend to withstand tropical storms.
      • Shutters on windows to prevent glass from smashing an injuring people.
      • All of this will reduce the numbers of people being killed, injuried, buildings destroyed, less homeless and les unemployment
      • High sea walls are constructed along the coast to protect communities from storm surges.
      • Buildings have areas of weakness that can be reinforced to reduced damage by forces winds of tropical storms.
        • Mitigation
      • Install hurricane straps (galavanished metal) between the roof and the walls.
      • Protection refers to anyway that you can protect houses, yourself, family and the community.


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