Hotel Room, 12th Floor (Stanza One) - Norman MacCaig

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  • hotel room, 12th floor - stanza one
    • 'this morning, I watched from here'
      • gives us a time, morning
      • gives us a place, the hotel room
    • 'helicopter skirting like a damaged insect'
      • word choice of 'damaged' tells us that the helicopter is a bad copy of nature
      • uses a simile
        • compares the helicopter to a damaged insect
      • 'insect' suggests that the helicopter is annoying, tiny among all the building and just unnessecary
    • 'jumbo sized dentist's drill'
      • 'dentist's drill' has connotations of pain and suffering
        • could have deeper meaning of how the technological advance of society has left the people suffering behind
      • could also imply that the ESB is drilling through the sky
      • comedic image - who needs a drill that size?
        • criticism of the American idea of bigger is better
    • 'but now midnight has come in from foreign places. Its uncivilised darkness'
      • 'midnight' is used as a metaphor for darkness and the unknown
      • 'foreign places' implies that anything that isn't the American norms is bad and doesn't seem inline with what is seemed as civilised
    • 'shot at by a million lit windows'
      • is a dig at the American gun laws
      • suggests a battle between the light and dark
      • creates an image of the city buildings fighting the darkness


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