Assisi (Stanza Two) - Norman MacCaig

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  • assisi - stanza two
    • 'a priest explained'
      • heavy irony
      • a man who is devoted to the teachings of God is unaffected by the beggar outside the church
    • 'suffering' and 'goodness'
      • he may be suffering but he has goodness in his heart
    • 'I understood the explanation and the cleverness'
      • MacCaig is annoyed at how the priest is so proud of his knowledge of the paintings but forgets the beggar outside
    • 'how clever it was of Giotto to make his frescoes tell stories'
      • the priest is impressed with the way God's teachings are portrayed in the paintings instead of practising what he preaches
      • priceless paintings for a man who cared about others and not himself


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