Nazi Germany - Hitler's popularity

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  • Hitler's popularity
    • Why was he popular?
      • He was a good speaker
      • He provided jobs for almost everyone
      • Young people were indoctrinted to love him (school and Hitler Youth)
      • Women appreciated the fact that he helped young mothers
      • Nazis did some remarkable things
        • Roads
        • Buildings
        • Events (olympics)
        • Locked the Communists up
      • Propaganda encouraged his popularity
      • People had to act as if he was popular or face trouble
    • Why didn't people who didn't like him stop him?
      • Parties
        • Leaders arrested and parties banned
      • Papers
        • Controlled in what they were allowed to print
      • Unions
        • Banned and relaced with Nazi organisation (German Labour front)
      • Unhappy Nazis
        • Difficult leaders (Rohm) executed
      • Army
        • Won over by huge rearmament


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