Nazi Gain of Power

How the Nazi's gained power between 1932-33

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Nazi Gain of Power, 1932-1933
Depression Hits
Unemployment and the depression takes it's toll
More extreme party's are becoming popular
Communist party goes from 54 to 77 seats in 1930 Reichstag
Nazi's go from 14 to 107
Becomes a main focal point for speeches, which Hitler was good at,
and campaigns
Promised to get them out of the situation
Faith in the Weimar lapsed, as a disillusionment with democracy
took over
As people feared communism more, they turned to the Nazi's as the
other alternative
Presidential Election
1932, Hindenburg and Hitler run
Hitler uses the `November Criminals' and his plan to make `Germany
greater' to gain popularity
It's a close call, but Hitler just misses out
Hitler is at his most popular
Reichstag Election 1932
Campaign get's violent as there are a lot of fights between the
Communists and Nazi's
Nazi's win an overall majority
Hindenburg suspicious of Hitler and instead appoints Von Papen
Von Papen is unpopular and unsupported
New Reichstag Election 1933
In order to gain some popularity Von Papen goes through with
another Reichstag
Nazi's lose seats but are still the majority win
Von Papen still hasn't gained any popularity
Hitler appointed chancellor 1933
Hitler then appointed chancellor with Von Papen as his vice
As Hindenburg realised that it would be inconvenient to continue
working with an unpopular chancellor
They assumed that they could control Hitler once he was in power
Reichstag Fire
Reichstag building burns down, and a communist is arrested
Hitler pressures Hindenburg into passing an emergency law putting
all communist supporters into prison, and banning them
Blames communism for destroying the country
27th FEB 1993
Enabling Act
Would allow Hitler to pass laws without the support of the
Still required 2/3rds of the Reichstag to agree with him
Used the SA to intimidate the opposition
81 communist members expelled
eventually passed with 441:83 ratio
Dictatorship Begins

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