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  • Appeasement
    • the idea that by compromising and continuing to negotiate with his the allies could control him foreign policy ambitions and avert a war. Done when a genuine problem/grievance can be sorted by negotitation.
    • examples...
      • allowing Hitler to rearm
      • Britains naval agreement with Germany in June 1935
      • Allowing Hitler to remilitarise the Rhineland
      • allowing Hitler to unite with Austria (Anschluss)
    • why was it followed?
      • avoid war
      • horror of WW1- didn't want that again
      • so they could use Hitler against communism in Russia, seen as a bigger threat
      • misunderstanding Hitler's aims and personality
        • they actually underestimate him- they are naive and trust his word (mistake!!!)
      • holding off war for a while- more time to build up army because Germanys army is superior, stalling!!!
    • why did it fail???
      • Hitler gained confidence and started to believe he could get away with anything
      • the allies did not believe that hitler would go as far as he did, after march 1938 it was clear that Hitler was being purely aggressive
      • germany became too strong and had to be stopped
      • B&F isolated after league collapsed, Germany had alliances with Italy, Japan, Russia...
    • Neville Chamberlain- British Prime Minister- his theory
      • Munich Agreement (1938)


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