Hitler's Foreign Policy

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  • Hitler's Foreign Policy
    • Anschluss
      • Broke the Treaty
      • Austrian public mostly in agreement
      • League did nothing
      • Germany gained Lebensraum
    • Sudetenland
      • Given to Germany due to appeasement
      • Germany gained Lebensraum
      • Hitler then invaded Czechoslovakia with no resistance
    • Saar
      • Propaganda made public vote for Hitler
      • Joined Germany
      • Gave Germany plenty of industrial land
    • Spanish Civil War
      • Tested new weapons and Luftwaffe
      • Wanted to prevent a communist government
      • Strengthened alliance between Germany and Italy
    • Rhineland
      • Remilitarised
      • Nothing done by the League
      • First break of the Treaty
    • Rearmament
      • Hitler did not like how the other powers did not disarm
      • Broke the Treaty
    • Poland
      • Invaded for Lebensraum
      • Caused Britain to declare war


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