Hitler's Henchmen

People who played vital roles in The Nazi party

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NAME Josef Gobbels Hermann Goering
Background Son of an office worker in Middle class
a factory Fought in air force WW1
Had a crippled foot Won highest medal for
Want to fight in WW1, bravery under fire
but couldn't
Character Weak + physically weak Loud + swaggering
Intelligent + well Intelligent, witty +
educated + brilliant charming
public speaker But vain + greedy
Work for Nazis Didn't originally like 1922 put in charge of the
Hitler, but then became SA
and influential supporter Helped create the
Editor of Nazi newspaper Gestapo
Minister of Propaganda In charge of the 4 year
1935-> commander of the
German air force
Rudolf Hess Ernest RÖhm Heinrich Himmler
Solider + pilot in WW1 Served in WW1 Was captain in WW1
Joined Nazi party in Part of the Freikorps Working class
Soft, sensitive + Loyal to Hitler in the Very violent temper
humorless man beginning Clumsy, timid + frail
Didn't crave ambition + Very violent temper Precise -> recorded
power like others Got annoyed by Hitler everything
Worshiped Hitler and spoke against him
Hitler's private Joined party in 1923 1934 -> Head of the
secretary Gestapo

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Later responsible for Part of the failed Munich Head of the SS
party admission putsch Commander of the unified
Given position of state Founding member of the police forces in Germany
after Goering German worker party -> find threats towards
Close friend of Hitler Hitler
Head of the SA Came up with idea of final
Died in "the night of the solution
long knives" -> seen as a Ran & inspected
threat concentration camps…read more


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