Origins of WW1: Explains in full detail of what happened.

This card attempts to explain the full details of what happened in WW1. You'll find it useful

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WW1 Origin Explanation

Origins of the WW1.

The origins lie in the alliances made before WW1 and after the Franco Prusso War. The Triple Entente(Britian,France,Russia) and the Triple Alliance(Germany,Italy,Austria-Hungary).

Both alliances were formed so that if they were attacked, their allies would help them. This however led to the start of WW1 due to the secret treaties and alliances. 

It all starts with the assiantion Archduke Franz Ferdiand by Phillp Princpes,A member of the nationalist Serbian group the black hand.The Archduke was the heir to the Austro-Hungaruan empire hand been sent to Bosnia to strengthen the loyalty of the bosinan people to the empire. Austria-Hungary is outraged and demands the right to send troops to serbia and demands compensation.  The Serbian government refuses.Austria Hungary the next day shells Belgrade.  Russia begns to moblise to help Serbia. Germnany demands Russia stops moblising.Russia refuses and Germany declares war on russia. France does the same to help Russia.Germnay declares war on France.The Schilefflan plan is put into action. Austria Hungary declares war on Russia.

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