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  • Which source is best?
    • Representation 3
      • Purpose is to entertain and lift people's spirits
      • Nature and Origin
        • Appeared in Daily express (1940)
        • Cartoon from "A cartoon war: WW2 in Cartoons" (1989)
      • Limitations
        • Doesn't cover other views/ scenarios
        • Doesn't discuss whole war
        • Only a cartoon
        • Biased view
      • Strengths
        • Keep calm and carry on attitude shown
        • Accessible
        • Appeared in newspaper during war
          • People could laugh and relate
          • Was acceptable (remained uncensored)
    • Representation 1
      • Limitations
        • Only fully discusses Blitz
        • Negative (biased)
        • Not much evidence for argument
      • Purpose is to inform
      • Best, why?
        • Least limitations
        • Comprehensive N.O.P
      • Nature and Origin
        • Online Academic journal (article) called Student Pulse (2011)
      • Strengths
        • Accessible
        • Informs on the mythological stoicism
    • Representation 2
      • Purpose is to entertain
      • Strengths
        • Easy to understand
        • Informs (a little) on the stoicism
      • Limitations
        • Not a real picture
        • Mythologized view
        • Biased
        • Only informs on Blitz
      • Nature and Origin
        • Red Dagger Comic book cover (1979)
    • Quotes to use
      • "I'm damned if that killer Hitler is going to keep me out of my bed"
      • There were quite a few people who committed crimes in order to end up in prison rather than serve in the armed forces
      • Londoners exhibited profound apathy, exhaustion and sympathy
      • Often the cries of people trapped in rubble went ignored as those pretending to help searched for valuables


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