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  • History - 1919
    • Sparticist Uprising
      • What happened: though out the 1918 there were crashes between government and sparticist members.They attempted revolution in berlin against the eburts government.
      • Cause: Sparticist wanted the revolution again against the government.
      • Effects:
        • having to flee berlin made them look weak
        • the army quickly crushed the sparticist uprising and leaders were shot
      • January 1919
    • Treaty of Versailles
      • What hapened: At the end of world war one had finished an peace settlement was signed to stp another world war happening again.
      • Effects:
        • new countries were created from lost land for example Finland and Poland
        • german army reduced down to 100,100
        • russian land was lost and taken and made new places and homes.
      • March 1919
      • Cause: It was a peace treaties at the end of world war one (Punishments to germany and their people)


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