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  • Cosmological argument
    • The cosmological argument is a closely related set of arguments for the existence of a First Cause (or instead, an Uncaused cause) to the universe, and by extension often used as arguments for the existence of an "unconditioned" or "supreme" being, usually then identified as God.
    • Plato
      • Motion of the world and heavens is "imparted motion"
      • "self-originated" in order to start it or maintain it, a 'first cause'
    • Aristotle
      • Argued against the fist cause
        • force is too inefficient
      • believed universe was eternal
        • begin to assess planetary motion
    • Aquinas
      • catholic priest who studied theology and philosophy
      • attempts to unify the works of plato and arristotle
      • cosmological argument
        • 1. motion
          • everything that exists is caused by something else
        • 2. contingency
          • we are contingent beings that require a cause
        • 3. causation
          • cannot be an infinite number of casues
        • 4. first cause
          • must have been a first causse
          • everything that exists id caused to exist by something else
          • we are contingent beings that require a cause
          • cannot be an infinite chain so must have a first cause
          • in the beginning there must be an uncaused cause that started it all
            • only god can be an uncaused cause
        • 5. uncaused cause
          • the only being that can be uncaused is god
        • 6. conclusion
          • god must be the first cause. therefore god exists
      • forming a proof for god
    • posteriori argument
    • strength
      • argument is valid
      • simple
      • proves god through reason
      • main argument used by religious believers
    • weaknesses
      • Christian god?
      • Untitled


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