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  • The struture and services of the hospitality industry
    • Hotels
      • One to five start hotels
        • High end luxury hotels claim to be six to sevens star  hotels
          • Rating according to what is offered by the hotel in terms of range and quality of facilitates
      • Budget hotels
        • Premier inn and travel lodge examples of budget hotels
      • Bed and breakfast
    • Resturants
      • Fast food businesses
        • Example such as McDonalds, kebab shops and fish&chips shops
      • Cafes and coffee shops
        • Part of a chain such as caffe Nero and Costa coffee
      • Mainstream resturants
        • Can be chained such as Nando's and Frankie&Benny's  but can be owner-managed, local restaurants
      • Fine dining restaurants
        • Offer high quality food at a more expensive price.
    • Pubs, bars and nightclubs
      • Management and ownership
        • Manged pubs and bars :- owned by brewery. Staff are employed by brewery.
        • Tenanted or leased pubs and bars:- owned by brewery. Manager runs pubs and bars independently.
        • Free house:- Owned an manged by a licensee to offer beverages from any supplier
      • Nightclubs
        • Nightclubs play music and have dance areas and serve food and beverages. At many clubs DJ are the attraction
        • Very expensive and attract a lot of celebrities
    • Contract food service providers
      • Many businesses provide on-site catering options for their own staff. e.g breakfast and lunch. Contract food providers often run catering services in schools, hospitals,prisons, in universities , care homes.
    • Hospitality services ( in house)
      • Some businesses use contract food service providers may choose instead to provide food and beverage for staff.
    • Membership clubs
      • Non-profit members clubs:- owned and manged by club members. E.G. Working mens clubs, masonic lodges, British legion clubs, politically affiliated clubs.
    • Events:- diverse as it covers several different types of event. E.G. Cheltenham cricket festival is an annual sporting event held over 12 days


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