Henry VII's policy with Scotland

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  • Youth and weakness of James IV from 1488
    • Only 15 at claim to throne, and unable to lead an army
    • Comes of age in 1495 and wants to display strength by fighting a traditional enemy. Goes to support Warbeck.
      • Aided invasion, and aiding of Warbeck fail. James stops supporting Warbeck: seen as limited in value.
        • James feared England, and them voting taxes for war: agree a Treaty of Ayton in 1497.
          • Re-inforced by marriage of James IV and Margaret (H's daughter) in Aug 1503.
    • How Henry VII avoids full-scale war with Scotland
      • Henry maintains Scottish contacts in court
        • Especially leader Earl of Angus, who favoured better Eng-Scottish relations.
          • James' regent did not, and was hostile towards England.
        • 1492: Henry goes on to shelter Scottish Nobles, outstated from power.
          • Coup sees Earl of Angus back to power - there a 9 year truce established from 1492.
      • Immediate 3 year truce 1485-1488
        • James III disliked Richard III and his border raids; hence more supportive towards Henry


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