Rebellions in Henry VII's reign

Quick summary guide of the 5 rebellions in Henry VII's reign,  useful for OCR historical themes paper:)

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  • Tudor rebellions in Henry VII's reign
    • Lovell's rebellion 1486
      • Executions: 1
      • Objectives: Overthrow Henry VII
      • Success? None
    • Lambert Simnel 1486-7
      • Leader: Simnel/Earl of Lincoln
      • Objectives: Overthrow Henry VII by pretending to be Edward Earl of Warwick
      • Size of rebel force: 8000
      • Earl of Kildare supported Lambert Simnel
      • No executions directly, fines imposed.
      • Success?  None
    • Yorkshire Rising 1489
      • Leader: Sir John Egremont
      • Objective: Change govt policy on a tax to pay for a war against France
      • Size of rebel force: 1,300
      • Henry Percy (Northumberland) tried to collect the tax but was murdered by an angry mob.
      • Success? New Earl of Northumberland brought peace to the area
    • Perkin Warbeck rebellion 1491-9
      • Leader: Perkin Warbeck
      • Objectives: Impersonate Richard Duke of York in an attempt to overthrow Henry VII
      • Size of rebel force: 8,000 in Cornwall
      • Executions: Warbeck and Warwick
      • Foreign support from Charles VIII of France, Margaret of Burgundy  HRE Maximillian, James IV of Scotland
      • Success? No, Henry continued to eliminate Yorkist threats
    • Cornish rebellion 1497
      • Leaders: Flamank, Joseph and Lord Audley
      • Objective: Not to have to pay a subsidy that would help fund a war against Scotland
      • Rebel force: 15,000
      • Executions: 3 of the leaders, fines imposed
      • Success? Did not have to pay the subsidy.


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