Henry VII Policy- Economic, Foreign and Political

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    • Economic
      • 1487-     Export of unfinished cloth by foreign merchants in banned; links to alum trade of 1486.
        • 1496- Intercursus Magnus treaty signed
      • 1506- Intercursus Malus treaty signed
    • Foreign
      • 1489- Treaty of Radon, Medina Del Campo
      • 1491- War against France
      • 1492- Treaty of E'taples
      • 1494- Poynings appointed Lord Deputy of Ireland
      • 1501- Marriage of Arthur Prince of Wales and Catherine of Aragon
      • 1503- Princess Margaret and James IV of Scotland marriage- Treaty of Perpetual Peace
      • 1506-Treaty of Windsor
      • 1509- (After Henry VII's death) Marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon
    • Political
      • 1485- Henry VII takes throne- Battle of Boswroth (August), Henry's first Parliament
      • 1486- Henry marries Elizabeth of York, Lovell Rebellon, Birth of Prince Arthir
      • 1487- Imposter of Lambert Simnel, Defeat of Earl of Lincoln at Battle of Stoke
      • 1489- Yorkshire Rising
      • 1491- Appearance of Perkin Warbeck., Birth of Henry
      • 1495- Execution of William Stanley, Creation of the Privy Chamber, Introduction of Council Learned under Sir Reginald Bray
      • 1497- Cornish Rebellion, surrender of Warbeck
      • 1499- Execution of Warbeck and Earl of Warwick
      • 1502- Death of Prince Arthur
      • 1509- Death of Henry VII


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