Henry VIII Foreign Policy Successes and Failures

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  • King of France
    • Failures
      • 1512 Bayonne campaign (12,000 troops)
      • 1513 Northern France campaign, Battle of Spurs pyrrhic victory
      • Propaganda - in reality no great victory
      • Therouanne and Tournai on the Burgundian/French border - Maximillian strategic benefit, former given to HRE and latter garrisoned until 1518
      • Huge financial cost, little benefit - £960,000 annual income only £110,000
      • 1523 Bourbon rebellion - planned triple attack with En/ChV
      • Suffolk and 11,000 to Paris, abandoned by allies
      • 1525 Pavia forced change in policy to France
      • ChV abandoned marriage to Mary
      • H8 lacked resources to invade without ChV, forced to make peace: 'diplomatic resolution', Treaty of the More 1525
      • 1530s lack of focus on FP - evidence of failure to achieve aim and isolation in diplomacy after 1529 Peace of Cambrai
      • Took advantage of re-opening of H/V rivalry in 1541
      • 1544 - 48,000 men took only Boulogne and faced war on two fronts as FI supported Scotland
      • Stood alone as 1544 Peace of Crepy ChV and FI made alliance
      • Cost - £2.1 million
    • Successes
      • 1512-14 Henry stamped mark on European affairs, announced presence to other powers
      • Waged war - key task of Renaissance Prince. Led invasion of France 1513
      • Received pension from France and Mary married Louis XII
      • Showed support Henry had from nobles and gentry, 1540s led the charge
      • Always collected pensions, surrendered claims to throne for pensions in 1525
        • Treaty of the More, Treaty of Ardes, 1546 kept Boulogne and outstanding pensions paid


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