Edward VI - Somerset (1)

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  • Edward VI - Somerset (1)
    • Rise To Power
      • Step 1
        • Sister married Henry VIII 1536
        • Knighthood 1523 service in France
        • Lord High Admiral and Leuitenant 1544 - 45
      • Step 2
        • Council system needs a leader, Somerset emerges
      • Step 3
        • Custody of will, kept death secret for 4 days
        • Best way to preserve Royal Supremacy
        • Reformers hoped for religious reform
      • Step 4
        • New Kings Uncle
        • Chancellor says it's for 'the better conduct of buisness'
      • Step 5
        • Becomes Lord Protector
          • Undisputed ruler of the county
        • appoint/dismiss Privy Council
    • Interpretations of Somerset
      • "Good Duke"
      • Genuine Reformer and Kind to the poor
      • Northumberland blamed for trying to usurp the throne
      • arrogant self seeker climbed to the top with crown lands and confiscated church property
      • Tudor statesman main interest France/Scotland war
    • Foreign Policy
      • Negotiations with the French ended because Francais I died and Henry II was more agressive
      • There was a war in 1547 because Henry II renewed the Franco-Scottish alliance and sent 4000 troops to Scotland
        • England won the battle of Pinkie and held the borderlands but not Scotland so retreated
      • The Epistle of Exhoration was a proposed union between England and Scotland but for political and religious reasons they sided with France and Mary was taken to France
      • it was difficult to maintain the Scottish campaign because Somerset was reluctant to leave London in case French attacked and expensive
      • In 1549 Somerset didn't want to lose the Scottish border lands but hand to deal with peasant uprisings
    • Achievements of Foreign Policy
      • Successes
        • won the battle of Pinkie
        • Somerset was a good field general
        • did try to make the alliance between Edward and Mary Queen of Scots
      • Failures
        • Franco-Scottish alliance
        • Failed to press the advantage after Pinkie
        • Failed to deploy troops in 1549
        • Indecisive
        • found it hard to delegate authority
        • Bound by Henry VIII's will to marry Edward and Mary
        • Protestantism frustrated Charles V
        • Chronic Money Shortage


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