Henry VIII Foreign Policy (1514-1529)

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  • Henry VIII Foreign Policy (1514-1529)
    • Support for France (1525-1529)
      • Henry met with Francis I once - THE FIELD OF CLOTH OF GOLD (1520)
      • Henry disappointed with England's 'all give and no take' relationship with Spain
        • Felt Francis' defeat at Pavia paved the way from his desires to take the French throne.
          • England and France concluded an alliance in 1527
            • By 1528 they were both at war with the Habsburgs
              • BATTLE OF LANDRIANO - Charles defeated the French
                • Resulting peace treaty - TREATY OF CAMBRAI 1529
                  • Wolsey only just ensured England's inclusion
        • Wolsey joined negotiations between France, the Pope, Venice and Florence for an anti-Habsburg alliance
          • THE LEAGUE OF COGNAC (1526)
          • Hoping to remain the peacemaker in Europe
          • England soon was dragged into war against Charles
            • Henry's desire for a divorce from Catherine of Aragon made neutrality impossible
    • Support for the Habsburgs (1520-1525)
      • Henry met with Charles before and after the Field of Cloth of Gold (1520) in an attempt to remain neutral
      • Spain was a more attractive ally for England
        • Henry was married to the aunt of Charles V
        • still desired to make substantial territorial gains in France
        • 1522 - Henry declares war on France
          • achieved little and cost a fortune
      • Pope Leo X called for a general crusade
        • attempt to halt the spread of Ottoman Power (east Europe)
        • Wolsey - opportunity to place England at the centre of  European diplomacy
          • called for all major powers of Europe to live under 'Universal Peace'
      • Over 2 dozen signatories
        • Wolsey arranged for all signatories to sign the treaty with England separately
          • dispel English isolation
        • avoid war/attacks from each other
          • balance of power established across western Europe
    • BATTLE OF PAVIA (1525)
      • Francis I captured
        • Henry hoped to exploit this
          • called for Charles to split France into English and Spanish zones
            • Charles was reluctant since his interest did not match that of England
      • Charles took control of most of the Italian Peninsula
        • Pope was a virtual prisoner
  • Henry required approval from the Pope for his divorce


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