Henry II Reforms

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  • Henry II Reforms
    • Barons
      • Swift to act against barons who did not accept did authority
        • = made an example of those who resisted
        • Hugh of Mortimer fortified his Wigmore castle in open resistance
        • Henry of Blois fled
      • Expulsion of Flemish mercenaries including William of Ypres
      • Henry appointed two competent snd loyal barons as chief justiciars: Robert of Beaumont (d.1168) and Richard of Lucy
    • Royal finance
      • 'Pipe rolls'
      • Exchequer
        • Return of Nigel of Ely
          • Son Richard FitzNeal
            • 'Dialogue of the Exchequer'
      • Cartae Baronum (1166)
        • Royal investigation
        • Barons had to write to henry to declare the names of their tenants and how much knight service each of them owed to the king
      • Borrowed heavily
        • £12 000 between 1155 and 1166
    • Justice and the law
      • Assize of Clarendon
        • Established the 'petty assizes'
      • Increased efficiency of the Chancery
        • Thomas Becket
      • 'Returnable wit'
      • Chirographs
    • Church


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